Lexmark Printer Cartridges.

Never pay for lexmark printer cartridges or maintenance on your lexmark printers again!

Lexmark Printer Cartridges. The Print Doctor Printer service is a breeze with the Print Doctor. When your lexmark printers need servicing or services, depend on the Print Doctor to put things right. We're fast, reliable and affordable - with same-day service, trained technicians and fully stocked vehicles. Plus all our work is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Lexmark Printer Cartridges - The Gold Plan.

The Gold Plan for lexmark printer cartridges. Under our Gold Plan, all parts and labor are absolutely FREE. The Gold Plan covers any part on your lexmark printers that fails to operate properly. And there’s no contract. The Gold Plan is the ideal choice for hospitals and other large institutions where it’s critical to keep printers operating effectively, while controlling costs. As long as you get your toner from us, you never have to pay for servicing on your printers again - no matter what goes wrong. This plan completely eliminates the need for service contracts.

Sign up now to get Lexmark Printer Cartridges Here’s how it works. We deliver Lexmark compatible ink cartridges and toner cartridges to your location as required, and that’s all you pay for. As part of the lexmark printer cartridges service, we clean and maintain all lexmark printers you have at all locations. Whenever there’s a lexmark printer problem, we service and service the equipment at no charge, saving your organization thousands of dollars in costly services and premature replacement of expensive equipment.

This includes fusers, maintenance kits, motherboards and any part on the printer that fails to operate properly. There’s no contract and your only cost is for the replacement lexmark ink cartridges, something you need anyway. What’s more, it eliminates the time and storage costs of keeping toner cartridges in inventory, so your staff can concentrate on more important things.

Lexmark Printer Cartridges and services. All you have to do is buy your toner from us and you'll never have to pay for lexmark printer cartridges on your lexmark printers again.

Learn more about Lexmark Printer Cartridges Proper maintenance is the key to printer productivity and longevity. At the Print Doctor, our technicians are highly-trained and committed to keeping your equipment up to snuff. We offer a variety of maintenance plans to make sure you get the most from your lexmark printer cartridges. Ask us about a program that meets your specific requirements.

Maintenace options:
Annual service contracts as low as 15.00 per month.
service calls based on time and parts.
Gold Plan lexmark printer cartridges

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The lexmark printer cartridges guarantee.

Print Doctor, Inc. guarantees its products are free from defects and will perform as well or better than the original lexmark ink cartridges. If you ever have a problem with any product we provide, we'll replace it free or refund the original purchase price. It’s your choice.

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Find out more about how the lexmark printer cartridges Gold Plan will benefit your business. Call 888-322-1444 or email healthy@printdoctor.net. Put lexmark printer cartridges in the subject line.

How much time does your business spend maintaining and serviceing your lexmark printer fleet? The Print Doctor will take care of all your lexmark printer cartridges with same day service AND we back you with a comprehensive warranty.

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